Brandeis University Eruv Expansion Project
We were contacted by Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz, the campus JLI Rabbi, in March of 2009 about a phased expansion of the Brandeis Eruv into adjoining sections of the City of Waltham. A reconnaissance tour was completed at that time to sketch out what would be required.

At a second site meeting in June 2009, we determined that Phase I of the expansion would include the Chabad Center, a residential segment south of campus, a garden apartment complex, and a number of graduate student housing buildings. There are a number of action items that need to be completed before we can move forward. The good news is that are making progress! Below is a photograph from the June meeting of (from left-to-right) Sam Packer (a neuroscience graduate student assisting Rabbi Kaplowitz), Dr. Jesse Hefter (Greater Boston Eruv), and Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz.