New Eruv Makes Newport, R.I., More Attractive Than Ever

Posted 10/8/2003

By Jewish Press Internet Staff

Touro Synagogue and the Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island, entered the High Holy Day period with something special to celebrate: the completion of the city`s first eruv. Rabbi Moshe Heinemann provided knowledge and direction in establishing the eruv.

The celebration comes after a two-and-a-half year effort. Licenses were obtained from Verizon Electric, Narragansett Electric and the City Council of Newport. A moment of triumph occurred two days before Rosh Hashanah when the community had a kabbalot kinyan with the mayor of Newport. Much credit goes to Dr. Jesse Hefter of Brookline who visited Newport on many occasions to ensure that progress was being made in a proper and halachic fashion.

The kosher Bed and Breakfast known as the Admiral Weaver has been included within the eruv. The Admiral Weaver has provided Touro Synagogue with significant minyanim time and time again, and has even provided kosher witnesses for the synagogue`s various functions. "The completion of the eruv will be a great opportunity for many more observant people to enjoy the spirituality of the Touro Synagogue," says Rabbi Mordechai Eskovitz, the synagogue`s spiritual leader.

For more information, call Touro Synagogue at (401) 847-4794 ext. 15.