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BU Extension Eruv Boundaries

BU Extension Eruv Map

The common access points between the Boston (dark purple) and BU (pink) sections of the Eruv can be used to move between the two segments (Beacon St., St. Mary's St., Carlton St., and Essex St.); they are one continguous Eruv.

  • Both sides of University Street are in the Eruv at the Commonwealth Avenue side and extending until the end of the BU Academy building (but not one inch further). Be very, very careful if walking behind the BU Law School library to get to Comm. Ave.
  • Commonwealth Avenue is in the Eruv from the existing Eruv in Allston until Charlesgate West.
  • The BU "Beach" area is part of the Mechitza of the Eruv. One may not walk up either side of the "beach". The Storrow Drive facing-side of the hill is NOT in the Eruv.
  • Back Street (between the campus and Storrow Drive) is in the Eruv.
  • The street from the Storrow Drive Off-ramp to the Mass Pike along Charlesgate West in NOT in the Eruv. The sidewalk on the western side of that road is IN the Eruv.
  • The Hotel Commonwealth and the Buckminster Hotel are IN the Eruv.
  • The Chabad House in Kenmore Square is IN the Eruv.
  • Brookline Avenue is in the Eruv only on the Kenmore Square leading side. The Fenway Park area is NOT in the Eruv at all.
  • Egress to the Boston Eruv is possible over Beacon Street, St. Mary's Street, Carleton Street, and Essex Street.
  • The BU Bridge is NOT in the Eruv.
  • The pedestrian crosswalk on the north side of Commonwealth Avenue along the beginning of the road to the BU Bridge is IN the Eruv. The sidewalks leading "up to and on" the BU Bridge are NOT in the Eruv.
  • Students in the BU Dorms or Apartments within the Eruv may carry from their rooms/apartments to the street without the need for an additional Eruv Chatzeirot.

The Greater Boston Eruv Corporation wishes to thank the following organizations without whom this Eruv extension would not have been possible.
  • Boston University (Physical Plant, Trustees)
  • Boston University Hillel
  • Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • NStar
  • City of Boston Public Works Department
  • Strom Electric Inc.