Checking the Eruv

The Eruv is checked each and every week prior to Shabbat. Every attachment and connection point- be it a length of twine between two poles or the lechi attachment on any of its poles- as well as the quality of all fences used as parts of the border are carefully checked by visual inspection.

Minor repairs are carried out by the Eruv checker staff. However, more extensive repairs, including all repairs that are out of reach of the ground, are carried out by a professional firm. This electrical contracting firm has license permits which allow them to make the necessary repairs in any part of the Eruv.

If particular problems are observed from which it is difficult to determine the status of the Eruv, the Rav HaMachshir is called to decide upon the appropriate 'next step'. If all is repaired, the VoiceMail system is updated to reflect the current week's status. The message is given in English as well as Hebrew to accommodate community members as well as Israeli visitors.